Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Update: National Institute of Health, here I come!

Fall and Winter quarter 2011, I will not soon forget you. I've experience more emotion these past few months than I ever could have anticipated--I've been learning on an entirely new front. Stepping away from the science and philosophy books, if only momentarily, has given me the time to reflect on where I've come from, where I'm going, and whom I would like to bring with me. In hindsight there hangs no veil obstructing what and who is fueling your climb to maturity. Oh, blessed hindsight.

I think most have seen my deconversion as a genuine. Of course, some hold a different opinion. The ideas and emotions expressed weren't fabricated in an attempt to arouse sympathy, or even attention. I wanted my story known for the benefit of others like myself--others who just needed a little boost of courage to find what they can truly believe, or more appropriately, what they can’t. I assure you, I am still an atheist. My rejection of religion led to another rejection, that of my best friend. I struggled with this desertion for months, but it’s passed, and better things have come.

Oh, hindsight, your perception is sobering. The removal of distractions thrust windows open, heralding the cool breezes of opportunity. I made new friends, ones who support me apart from their personal bent of religion. I’ve found a mentor and a partner, and I’ve never been happier. The guidance and support these two individuals bring me keeps me going. Without these people I know I would never be privileged the opportunity to harken this news: I will moving to Maryland for six months to do research at the Molecular Immunology and Inflammation Branch of the NIH. It’s an amazing opportunity, and I consider it a great honor.

I’ll be leaving Cincinnati the first week of April, and to be honest, I’m a bit scared. This fear stems from the separation between my girlfriend, my home area, and myself. I’m excited to expand my horizons in science and research, but if granted one wish, it would be for my girl to be by my side while I do it. You don’t realize how essential a person becomes to your daily life until you’re faced with an impending separation from them. I love you Jordan, and the next six months should stand a testament to my devotion to you and our life together, no matter how stressful the distance may be.

My sappy declaration out of the way, I have a few other things I’d like to discuss. I assume I’ll have quite a bit of alone time in Bethesda, and I plan on cutting through my book list with haste while writing a lot more. However, I have to be careful with how I represent myself online while working at the NIH. I don't think blogging will pose a problem, but I would never wish to bring harm to their name, nor anyone I will work with. After working these issues out I should resume a more frequent blogging schedule. I have a multitude of ideas I want to discuss, but they will necessarily come second to my comprehension of T cell differentiation ☺

I hope to keep this blog updated and make a lot of new friends on this journey.

Thanks for reading,