Thursday, August 26, 2010

An Introduction

Well, hello. If you are reading this you have arrived at my first blog. My name is Jake...or Jacob. That all depends on how you know me. That is, if you do in fact know me. Either way, here is a bit of an intro as to who I am and why I am blogging. Like I said, my name is Jake and I am a biomedical engineering student at the wonderful University of Cincinnati. I'll be a second year student in a little less than a month and I am very excited to get back to school.  As per why I am blogging...I have no solid explanation. I guess the reason every other blogger does this- to put my thoughts on record in an attempt to relate to others. I hope it relieves some mental stress by systematically sifting through my thoughts, possibly allowing my brain to entertain sleep.

I guess this is where I share my thoughts...
This whole blogging idea came to me as I was laying outside tonight stargazing. Stargazing is new to me really. I have lived in a dorm in Cincinnati for the last nine months and stars are quite dimmed by the city lights. Not to mention my fascination with the universe has become much more serious lately. Nevertheless, since I have been home it has proven incredibly relaxing, even inspiring. Not inspiring as in writing a song or poem; or taking a new direction with my life. But inspiring as in refreshing- an anonymous reminder to stay positive. Seeing the specs of light come through the vast blackness of night brings the idea of insignificance to my mind. To think something as massive and extraordinary as a star can everyday go completely unnoticed by most -even me, until recently- is mind boggling. And as bright and massive as each star is, insignificant specs are how we perceive them. The specs in no way affect how we live or what we do daily. Totally insignificant. But when you take intrest in that spec, when it become significant, it can affect the way we live. It has the power to shape thoughts and ideas, it may even inspire you to write a blog. It made me ask myself what insignificance is, if it even exists.

On with the incoherent babbling...
I have been going through some situations recently, ultimately leading to changes in my daily life. Most relatively insignificant, but real and significant to me at this point in time. I know what you're thinking- granted a single soul is even reading this- another kid using a blog as a bitch session, great. I hope to stay as far away from that as possible. But back on track...These changes have made me take a real look at what I value in life. What I should value, and what I do value. Friendship has been on my mind a great deal lately. I have found that friendship's frailty is what makes it so powerful. A friendship with true integrity, honesty, and selflessness is such an anomaly today that I question its existence. It's an illusion I grab at the wind for right now. It's a battle between the desire for a friendship or for a true friend. The latter of which seems so difficult to come by. 

Well, this has been somewhat relieving, but more tiresome. My mind may not be clear but I sure as hell won't be able to stay awake. So I quite possibly have met my original goal of entertaining sleep. Thanks for reading. I hope it was mildly thought-provoking or comically entertaining at the least. 


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