Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Awesome Bigots...

Hey guys. This blog is just some thoughts on all of the drama going down in correlation to the "Ground Zero Mosque"  

First of all, I'm a big fan of education. I've found that a very small amount of research will give you a drastically different perspective on this building than the commonly accepted title "Ground Zeron Mosque" portrays. For one, it is absolutely not a mosque. It is a muslim community center. Much like a YMCA or Jewish community center, it will accomodate a 500-seat auditorium, theater, performing arts center, fitness center, swimming pool, basketball court, childcare area, and bookstore. Not to mention the culinary school, art studio, food court, and September 11 memorial. It's even rumored that the prayer space will have separate spaces for Jews and Christians alike. 

Once educated, it is easy to see that this building is not about Islam pissing on their territory like a dog. If anything it's an attempt to show the peaceful side of Islam (yes, it exists) and promote religious tolerance. 

Watching some footage of these anti-Park51 protests will show you how ignorant, bigoted, and annoying the majority of these protestors are. Refer to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2yPRl8vYXBw  (Thanks to xxxthepeachxxx)

Ugh, where to start?
Why do these people think they are supporting America by protesting this building? Yeah, extremest muslims flew planes into the WTC. They killed a lot of people, including muslims, in the name of Islam. It was a terrible event -nearly 3000 deaths- but even as terrible as it was, all of Islam can not be defined by or linked to this event. Much like the crusades, which murdered as many as 2 million people in the name of Christ, are not linked to or define all Christians. There are muslim families that have lived peacefully in this country for generations that have every right to exercise the First Amendment and use this community center. I'm not saying that I love the idea of Park51 -I could go the rest of my life without seeing another building associated with religion constructed- but, yelling 'this is merica' and 'I support merica' in no way justifies their actions. It just further proves their idiocy and ignorance of the real issues at hand, namely- racism, intolerance, and dropping IQ averages...

I also wanted to address the Koran burning controversy. What makes people think that burning a Koran supports America? I mean, really?? Our constitution protects the right of every Muslim to read and practice the contents of the Koran. It is what makes the U.S. different. It is what makes us better. I don't like what the Koran teaches, but I sure as hell won't support burning it. What impact do they think it will make? The only thing that could come out of this event is showing the Islamic countries that we are just as intolerant and full of hate as they are. 

On a different note...
I finished On The Origin Of Species this week. I thoroughly enjoyed Darwin's wit and genuine search for truth. I respect his blatant honesty, even when speaking of doubts of his theory. I really did love the book and I'm sure it is one that I return to again. It's weird to think that I was taught this man, now a hero of mine, was satans pawn... Change is good. The last sentence starts with 'There is grandeur in this view of life...' and I have come to agree. The world we live in is beautiful.  Our humble beginnings, time intensive descent, and brief existence makes me value life more every day. I have learned a lot from this book and would recommend it to anyone.

After putting origins down, I immediately picked up The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. I've been itching to read this one for a while but was caught up in too many other books. This will be my first Dawkins book and I'm really excited to learn more about his character and thought processes. I'm also about halfway through J. Craig Venter's book A Life Decoded: My Genome: My Life. This one thrills me because it recaps his story of how he became the upstanding scientist he is today. His wit and dry humor is entertaining to say the least, but it is his ability to defy the odds placed before him that I love. As soon as and possibly before I finish A Life Decoded I'll start Stephen Hawking's A Brief History Of Time. I'm anxious to start this one. The man is a brain and I have heard nothing but positive about his writing. 

I move back into UC thursday. I'm more than excited to embark on another year, and I'm dying to get back into class (mainly biology) and the lab. I hope you enjoyed reading. 



  1. Dude Dawkins is hilarious, you'll love it. Good thoughts on the whole WTC sham- I've had multiple conversations with people that just don't get their own bigotry.


  2. Where is the peaceful side of Islam? Just curious. The Qua'ran has contradictions in it concerning killing infidels and living peaceably with them. The Muslims are taught when faced with a conflicting teaching in the Surah that they should give the latest or most recent book preference over the other, and the later Surahs take place over all the rest when it comes to killing infidels. So, how can these terrorists be extremists? and How are these muslims that live peaceably even real Muslims when they dont respect their own Qua'ran?

  3. I see the peaceful side of islam at my university every day. Men and women going about their own business making a life for themselves absent of bombs and terror. I see them exercising their human rights to pursue a life of happiness in this free country, all while wearing their hijab. Saying there is no such thing as a moderate muslim is as narrow-minded and belligerently biased as saying that every christian is akin to those that spurred the crusades and killed millions of people, fucking millions of innocent people dead in the name of your christ. Fun fact, in your bible, your god demanded the deaths of innocent men, women, and children for a lot of land, on multiple occasions. Are all christians violent? No. Why would you expect ALL muslims to be.
    Moderation is a very simple concept, one possibly over your head. Try not to hurt yourself, but imagine that there are different levels of adherence to any religious dogma. Examples: theistic evolutionists, christians that accept gays, christians that persecute gas, christians that thank their god for dead soldiers, etc. The variation of moderation within christianity alone is overwhelming. Likewise, there are muslims that ignore sharia law and are peaceful, most live in our country. Whether or not you want to classify them as a 'real' muslimsis irrelevant because they still go to mosques, pray, and practice basic islam. They have every right to.
    Bottom line, regardless of what te surah says, a muslim does not have to accept the qua'ran literally anymore than a christian must accept the bible literally. You don't see peaceful islam because a hate-filled environment and indoctrination has poisoned your desire to. Muslims all around the world are equally terrified of losing their life and do not in any way support the actions of the extremists.
    Frankly, I think most religion is degenerate, and hope that one day we can live peacefully in its absence. That being said, I will always stand by a person's right to practice their religion freely, if it is within a moderate setting. I do not endorse the actions of the extremist muslims anymore than I would endorse the more horrific actions of the crusade. I am also sympathetic towards the peaceful muslims irrationally grouped with the extremist by people unable to think for themselves.
    Use your brain.